009. 9 Things keeping me heart to heart with the Earth.

Season #1

Sharing this episode, fresh out of the hospital.  It's a compilation of poetry, good news, rituals and resources for grounding during these devastating times.

Here are the links: 


Artwork by Cindy Chischilly.

Cindy Chischilly is Diné (Navajo). She was born and raised in the high desert of Shonto, Arizona on Diné land (also known as the Navajo Nation). She is the co-founder of White Canyon Design, and works as a brand consultant, graphic designer, illustrator and educator. Cindy is community-driven, bringing awareness of Indigenous issues to the forefront of her work. She believes good design can change our world. 

Purchase her Snowfall Greeting Card 12-Pack at Eighth Generation, a Seattle-based art and lifestyle brand owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe. 


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