013. The courageous adventures of an intuitively-guided plant-based chef - in conversation with T. Addison Brown

Season #1

T. Addison Brown has held many roles.  She's a film director and multi-media producer, the host of the 'What Are You Doing Here?' podcast," a passionate elephant conservationist and, also, a dear friend of mine.

Today she shares stories about her inspiring and unexpected journey of becoming a plant-based chef and helping people transition into a plant-based lifestyle.  It's a down-to-Earth, rich conservation that took us in a number of directions:

  • what it means to live your life guided by Spirit
  • the hurtful impact of overriding each other's choices
  • the magical power of vegan lumpias 
  • infusing our work with the energy of love
  • the courage required to drop into deeper alignment
  • the painful losses that can result from ethical choices
  • listening to the wisdom of our bodies
  • distinguishing a fragmented life lived in compartments & a whole one
  • the role of chefs in our transition towards more plant-centered eating
  • cultivating wonder and awe through plants in our lives
  • the importance of how we eat, not just what we eat 
  • how to develop your intuitive 'muscle'
  • how to bridge to the world that we aspire to live in
  • what it looks like to follow your heart again and again and again 

Join us for a heartfelt conversation that delves into the depths of conscious living, culinary artistry, and the transformative power of intuitive choices.

Connect with Addison on Instagram, on her website and on her podcast.



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