012. Taking inspiration from Martin Luther King's nature practice

Season #1

Ever since I visited the Ebenezer church in Atlanta years ago, on Martin Luther King’s birthday I like to remember his relationship with nature.

How he made time for this vital connection even though his days were full.

How he drew as much inspiration from the stars as he did from the land.  

How they infused him with clarity and courage.  

How the wisdom he received from nature showed up in his thoughts, his words and his actions.  

And how so many of the lessons he left us on the social justice front can also be applied to restoring our wellbeing and the Earth’s.

I hope you enjoy it.  


  • how he found nourishment in nature.
  • how he took nature as a teacher.
  • how he spoke up for nature and made that an important part of his practice of non-violence.

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Reference:  Common Ground Magazine, Martin Luther King, Jr. Ecological Thinker


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