008. Aligning with nature's rhythms: savoring the hidden wisdom of the Harvest Moon

Season #1

Join me as a disappointing morning at the farmers market leads me to find the hidden meaning of the bright Harvest Moon, within the blue-black mysteries of the last summer fruit. Together, we'll attune to the gifts of impermanence and let the Earth's wisdom guide us in a sweet session of weekend nature practice.


Today's spotlight brought to you by Todd Schulte of Todd Schulte Design.  They believe in using the power of design for good and work exclusively with purposeful organizations to create compelling brand identities, websites, and collateral that make a positive impact in the world.

Spotlight is Allison Wolf of Vibrant Planet. They’re building a digital platform that leverages data to help forest services, municipalities, and tribal authorities better manage their conservation and restoration efforts, helping to modernize planning for forest resilience and recovery.


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