005. Aligning with the Earth through song - in conversation with Desirae Harp

Season #1

In this soul-satisfying episode, we delve into the profound potential of song to help us align to the rhythm of the Earth, in particular when travelling through difficult passages in life. Join us as our very first guest, Desirae Harp, shares her personal and cultural insights, emphasizing the importance of intention, self-love, and deep listening during the season of stillness and reflection.

Show Notes:

  • Desirae discusses her cultural connection to winter and its role as a time of cleansing and preparation. She explores the significance of cold water, snow, and the teachings of elders in attuning to the season's unique qualities.

  • She opens up about her personal journey towards self-forgiveness and self-love during the winter season. She emphasizes the power of deep listening in Indigenous communities, where oral traditions are shared and cherished. The episode concludes with Desirae's heartfelt song that captures her transformative experience by the ocean.

We are encouraged to reflect on our own relationship with winter and its wisdom, as well as the significance of self-love and intention in their lives during this season of introspection.

Desirae is Onatsátis and Diné. She is a singer/songwriter, community organizer, and educator. She performs original songs that are influenced by her love for hip hop and r&b. She also sings songs in her native language. She currently works for the Sonoma Ecology Center in Northern California where she educates the community about how native people, plants, animals, and waterways are interconnected. She is a lead organizer of an annual prayer journey called Run4Salmon that supports the restoration of wild salmon in California waterways. 

Connect with Desirae Harp.

This is the film we made with Michael "Pom" Preston of the Winnemem Wintu tribe, shortly after I met Desirae: One Word Sawalmem

Opening to the Medicine of Winter.


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