004. How to stay connected with nature when working indoors

Season #1

Discover how to infuse nature into your work routine.  In this episode, I share actionable tips for creating outdoor and indoor workspaces, incorporating sensory nature experiences, and fostering a deeper connection with the Earth, offering you a refreshing way to approach your work and stay grounded.


Title: How to Stay Connected with Nature When Working Indoors

Description: Tune in to the Rosa Guayaba Podcast as host Natasha Deganello Giraudie offers practical insights into maintaining a strong bond with nature even while working indoors. Discover transformative ways to seamlessly integrate the outdoors into your work routine, from setting up outdoor workspaces to infusing sensory nature experiences within your indoor environment. Let Natasha's guidance help you reinvigorate your workdays with a deeper connection to the Earth.

Episode Highlights:

  • Explore the central theme of nurturing a connection with nature while tackling indoor tasks.
  • Benefit from a voice note that shares actionable tips for reshaping your work habits.
  • Learn to compile a list of indoor activities and brainstorm methods to incorporate natural elements.
  • Gain insights from Natasha's personal journey in moving her workspace outdoors.
  • Discover ways to create sensory nature encounters indoors, including the use of incense and flowers.
  • Join the community in sharing pictures of your outdoor workspaces and indoor altars.
  • Contribute to the podcast's growth by leaving ratings, reviews, and spreading the word to fellow Earth lovers.

Tune in now to transform your work routine with nature-inspired strategies and experience a renewed sense of grounding in your daily tasks.

Links and Resources:

  • Cart.  I can't find the exact one I have, but this is the IKEA one.
  • My very favorite incense.
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