002. Healing through rematriation

Season #1

Join me on a serene hike while exploring the meaning and promise of rematriation and how it relates to recovering our resilience.

Healing through Rematriation


  • Hosts: Natasha and Rasqui
  • Location: Hiking on the golden hills of Coast Miwok land
  • Setting: Peaceful afternoon amidst chaotic events - fires in Maui and Oregon, hurricane projections in Tongva land,
    Also celebrating of the watershed climate crisis Montana ruling

Finding Peace Amidst Chaos

  • Reflecting on the current chaotic events of fires and hurricanes
  • Embracing the peace and beauty of nature during difficult times

Celebration of Watershed Climate Crisis Montana Ruling

  • Acknowledging the work of Julia Olsen and Our Children's Trust
  • Gratitude for the dedication and impact of the team
  • Promising to dedicate a future episode to the Montana ruling and watershed climate crisis

Audience and Purpose of the Podcast

  • Who this podcast is for: Earth lovers, farmers, scientists, environmentalists, artists, mothers, conservationists, filmmakers, journalists, students, gardeners, illustrators, poets
  • Recognizing a shared sense that life can be different, more nature-centered
  • Envisioning life grounded like the earth and flowing like water, passionate like fire, and full of possibility like space

Journey Towards Rematriation

  • Exploring the meaning of rematriation
  • Viewing the Earth as a living being, rather than a resource or a backdrop.
  • Rediscovering the deep relationship with the Earth and its importance
  • Emphasizing respect, care, and protection for the Earth
  • Linking rematriation to integral alignment and releasing healing power
  • Highlighting the resilience gained through rematriation


  • Embracing the ability to weather storms and thrive through resilience.

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