001. Coming heart to heart with the Earth

Season #1

Welcome to the Rosa Guayaba Podcast: Coming Heart to Heart with the Earth.

In this debut episode, we begin a journey of re-membering and healing – for ourselves and the Earth.

I invite you to have a listen while you're outside, with one single earpod in, letting the sounds of nature into your experience.

This podcast is meant to be casual and informal, like a series of voice notes that infuse you with the goodness of nature.  Together, we'll journey towards a more meaningful connection with ourselves, each other, and the world around us by coming heart to heart with the Earth.

Show Notes:

INTRODUCTION: An informal welcome to the Rosa Guayaba Podcast, setting the tone for a casual and nature-infused conversation.

PODCAST VISION: Exploring the significance of deepening our relationship with the Earth and how this podcast aims to facilitate reconnection and healing.

CARD INSIGHT: Sharing a meaningful oracle card reading – "KIN: Family" – and its message about reconnecting with soul family.

Sacred Medicine Oracle by Asha Frost.

Join us on this voyage of healing and discovery, and don't forget to check out the linked oracle deck for further inspiration.

Happy New Moon and thank you for joining the Rosa Guayaba Podcast – until next time, keep that heart to heart connection alive with the earth.


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