If you're here, I know that you cherish the moments you spend outside.

That you find solace in the Earth’s embrace.

That you are a fierce protector of our lands and waters and of all of our kin on this Earth.

I’m also guessing that your work might even have something to do with restoring environmental alignment. 

So, first and foremost, thank you.

Thank you for indulging in this little adventure, for taking this magazine-like quiz to uncover the stage of your relationship with nature. 

Yes, it's designed to be fun and playful.

At the same time, it‚Äôs also intended to open the door to a profound dialogue about our conscious, intentional, reciprocal bond with the Earth‚ÄĒa subject that stirs my soul!

Your participation means we’re already on a shared path, exploring the depth of our relationship to the world around and within us. 

I'm thrilled to walk alongside you, sharing insights and observations that have enriched my path.

In shared passion for the Earth,


About your guide.

Nature is the teacher.  I'm happy to be your guide.

I was raised in Venezuela by the gentle laps of the Caribbean, under the watch of the tepuys and with the vibrant soundscape of the tropical rainforest.

My relationship with the Earth stems from a life of intimacy with nature and from the treasured guidance I have received from three main streams:

  • 20 years of study with the Dalai Lama and nature retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • many occasions since childhood to learn from Indigenous wisdom keepers, from Pem√≥n, Warao, Mayan, Q'ero, Quechua, Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco, Hawaiian, Cherokee, Potawatomi, Din√© and Winnemem Wintu communities.¬†
  • my experience as a filmmaker¬†focused on these themes.

My relationship with the Earth¬†has affected every part of my life ‚Äď my ability to show up fully, as a woman, as a mother, and as a daughter of this¬†beautiful Earth.¬†¬†

Now, my mission as a nature practice guide is to help you deepen your relationship with the Earth ‚Äď for your wellbeing and for her. ¬†I've had the pleasure of teaching¬†nature practice at Stanford University, for¬†groups at the United Nations, the Dalai Lama Fellows, the San Francisco Botanical Garden, One World Ayurveda in Bali and for a growing nature practice community around the World. ¬†

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