$33.00 USD

Veganuary as Nature Practice

Eat more plant-centered meals more often. Learn how to make it more doable & delicious without the judgement. 


1 - you receive a daily email from Veganuary throughout January 2023, with guidance on how to become more plant-based.

2 - we get on three live online Sharing Circles with a group of like-minded women to discuss, integrate and grow together.
- Jan. 5 (11am - 12:30pm Pacific)
- Jan. 19 (11am - 12:30pm Pacific)
- Feb. 2 (11am - 12:30pm Pacific)

Replays will be available.

3 - you walk away with:
- a deeper relationship with plants,
- a plan for how they can take a more leading role in your life in a doable and delicious way, and
- a bunch of new human friends who are doing the same.



 I used to think everyone should become vegan. . .

I would share this opinion often and in (mostly) unsolicited ways. šŸ˜¬

It came from a good place. Of course.

But it took me a while to realize that everyone's on their own journey of coming into alignment with what's right for them.

These days I listen more. Iā€™m more curious. Iā€™m less judgmental.

Now - Iā€™m much more pleasant to be around! šŸ™ˆ

(unless you ask my teenage daughter, but that's a whole other matter.) 

Seriously though ā€“ I was about 6 years old, when I first decided I didn't want to eat any more animals, in a country and a family where nobody had heard of such a thing.  This journey has brought me many joys and insights, which I am now happy to share as a mother, a friend, and a nature practice guide for Earth-loving women around the world.

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