Learn how to live in
a more nature-centered way:

  • Grounded like earth. 
  • In flow like water. 
  • Clear like air. 
  • Full of possibility like space. 
  • And as passionate as fire.

Even if you live in the city.  And even if you work full time.

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In this class, I will teach you:

  1. Why your relationship with nature may be compromised.
  2. How to heal.
  3. My favorite method for deepening my relationship with nature. 

Why is it so important to deepen your relationship with nature?

The reason is that the way in which you relate to nature on an everyday basis is an integral part of:

  • how you feel when you wake up,
  • the relationships you build with others,
  • the way in which you respond to challenges,
  • the energy of your communications,
  • your outlook of the future,
  • the impact that you have in the world, and 
  • what you leave for future generations, of all species.

It's time to focus on deepening our relationship with nature.

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A bit about me

This is one of my favorite pictures.

It was shortly after I recovered from the breakdown that I self-diagnosed as "biological homelessness," a condition which has been normalized by a society that constantly pulls us indoors, online, and away from the truth of who we are.

Once I decided that I would no longer sacrifice my relationship with nature, it affected everything – my ability to show up fully, as a woman, a mama and a daughter of this beautiful Earth.

Now my mission, as a nature practice host, and as a filmmaker, is to help you do the same.

I've had the pleasure of teaching nature practice for groups at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, One World Ayurveda in Bali, the United Nations, Stanford University and the Dalai Lama Fellows.  

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, my perspective is infused with 20 years of study with the Dalai Lama, nature retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh, and learning from Indigenous wisdom keepers and some of the great naturalists of our time. 

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The Nature Practice programs and mentoring are intended to educate and inspire you on your personal journey toward wellbeing and happiness. They are not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professionals and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.