Calm by Nature

Chart out a personalized, practical, tried-and-true trail map for your journey from where you are right now, to a default state of vibrant, nature-infused calm.


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Calm by Nature

awakening our inherent, grounded, peaceful nature.


Saturday, May 18, 2024.

5pm - 8:30 pm.

We'll gather in a beautiful private location
in West Marin. 

Space Limited to 20 women.


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‚ĚÄ As a child, did you easily find peace with your nature friends‚Äď maybe an animal who lived close by, or a tree you loved to climb, or a beach you could swim in for hours ‚Äď despite the chaos of life?

‚ĚÄ Do you have a knowing that life is meant to be lived in a more nature-centered way - grounded like earth, in flow like water, passionately like fire, clear like air, and full of possibility like space?

‚ĚÄ Are you committed to nurturing and embodying your inherent natural peace, so you may become a source of healing for yourself, your loved ones, and our Earth?

If so, this is an invitation to chart a trail map with me for your journey to awaken your inherent, grounded, peaceful presence.

In this one-on-one session, we will chart out your custom path from where you find yourself right now, to a default state of nature-infused calm.

Benefits - What you'll walk away with:

  • A Personalized Path to Calm: It's so much easier to get to where you intend to ¬†go, with a reliable map. ¬†Drawing on what has worked for me and hundreds of Earth Lovers, I'll work with you to chart your very own map.

  • Sustaining Nature-Infused Calm: If you can awaken your inherent calm in nature, but struggle to sustain it otherwise, you will learn how to fill the rest of your life with nature-infused peace¬†‚Äď both indoors and outdoors, in good times and challenging ones.

  • Deepening Your Calm: If you already enjoy a good amount of calm, we will explore opportunities for you to deepen and expand that state in more meaningful collaboration with the Earth.


How It Works:

  1. You are Here:
    We’ll start by getting clarity on where you currently are in your journey.

  2. Context for Understanding the Map:
    I will walk you through the stages from "elusive calm" to "nature-infused calm by default." You'll learn what each part of the journey feels like and what is required to progress in a nature-centered way. You'll also understand how to tailor the map to fit your life and aspirations, ensuring the journey is not only practical but also pleasurable!

  3. Collaborating with Nature:
    This work is about engaging in an intentional partnership with the Earth to awaken our tranquility. We’ll review key concepts of living in reciprocity with nature to support our calm.

  4. Vital Skills for Nature-Infused Calm:
    We’ll dive into the 5 essential skills that will support you on this path, ensuring you can enjoy a life of deeper peace.

  5. Embarking on Your Journey:
    With your trail map in hand, I'll answer any remaining questions you have about how to get on the trail and enjoy this most awe-inspiring experience of re-membering.

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About your guide.

Nature is our teacher.  I'm happy to be your guide.

I¬†was raised¬†in Venezuela by¬†the¬†gentle laps of the Caribbean, watching the turquoise water reflected on the bellies of the pelicans. ¬†Although, I¬†lived in an apartment in the busy city of Caracas, I¬†also felt at home in the small rainforest that was our¬†backyard ‚Äď one which we¬†shared with sloths and iguanas.

When my daughter was born in San Francisco, I¬†developed¬†a heightened sensitivity to the noise and overwhelm around me ‚Äď and now around her too ‚Äď and I¬†refused to accept that profound inner peace was to become¬†merely a retreat indulgence. ¬†So, I¬†embarked on a journey to awaken my¬†everyday nature-infused, inherent calm.¬†

Inspired by a tiny colibrí, and informed by years of study with the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh, many opportunities to be in community with Indigenous wisdom keepers, and my experience as a documentary filmmaker, I developed a reliable, soul-satisfying method for accessing our peaceful, grounded presence in collaboration with the Earth.  

Since then, I've had the pleasure of guiding¬†all sorts of Earth Lovers ‚Äst farmers, filmmakers, sustainability professors, outdoor educators, botanical artists, policy makers, healthcare workers, healers, chefs, students, parents, people¬†‚ÄĒ in accessing their own nature-infused, inherent calm, every single day. ¬†I've shared my¬†learnings as a course at Stanford University, for the United Nations, the Dalai Lama Fellows and for a growing online community.¬†

My prayer is that in tending to our everyday calm in partnership with the nature around us, we will be able to become great instruments of healing for ourselves, our children, our communities and our beloved Earth Mother, for generations to come.


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The Nature Practice programs and mentoring are intended to educate and inspire you on your personal journey toward wellbeing and happiness. They are not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professionals and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Photography by Pete Longworth.  Design by Todd Schulte.