Calm by Nature

Awaken your inherent¬†peaceful grounded presence in harmony with the Earth ‚Äď no matter what is going on.


This is for me!




Calm by Nature

Awaken your inherent¬†peaceful grounded presence in harmony with the Earth ‚Äď no matter what is going on.


This is for me!




Some people say

that nature is part calm and part turbulent tempest. Yin Yang.  Just like us.

But my experience is that, when thriving, nature is primarily peaceful ‚Äď with rare moments of pressure release. ¬†Just like us.

The Earth offers us a clear mirror for what our best lives can look like.  As we pay attention, she reminds us that, like her, when we thrive, we are calm by nature.

Not sleepy calm, nor boring calm, nor out-of-touch-tone-deaf calm.

Calm in the sense that we can relax enough to let the unbridled flow of life run through us.  The kind of calm that is at the core of clarity, courage, community, coherence and so much more that we desire.

Nature is our teacher.

I'm happy to be your guide.

I¬†was raised¬†in Venezuela by¬†the¬†gentle laps of the Caribbean, watching the turquoise water reflected on the bellies of the pelicans. ¬†Although, I¬†lived in an apartment in the busy city of Caracas, I¬†also felt at home in the small rainforest that was our¬†backyard ‚Äď one which we¬†shared with gentle sloths and mysterious iguanas.

When my daughter was born in San Francisco, I¬†developed¬†a heightened sensitivity to the noise and overwhelm around me ‚Äď and now around her too. ¬† I¬†refused to accept that profound inner peace was to become¬†merely a retreat indulgence. ¬†That's when I¬†embarked on a journey to awaken my¬†everyday nature-infused, inherent calm.¬†

Inspired by a tiny colibrí, and informed by years of study with the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh, many opportunities to be in community with Indigenous wisdom keepers, and my experience as a documentary filmmaker, I eventually developed Calm by Nature, a reliable, soul-satisfying method for accessing our peaceful, grounded presence in collaboration with the Earth.  

Since then, I've had the pleasure of guiding¬†all sorts of Earth Lovers ‚Äst farmers, filmmakers, sustainability professors, outdoor educators, botanical artists, policy makers, healthcare workers, healers, chefs, mamas, women ‚ÄĒ in accessing their own nature-infused, inherent calm, every single day. ¬†I've shared my¬†learnings as a course at Stanford University, for the United Nations, the Dalai Lama Fellows and for a growing online community.¬†

My prayer is that as we awaken our natural calm, we will become greater instruments of resonant beauty and¬†healing ‚Äď for ourselves, our communities and our Earth.

I look forward to meeting you.

natasha deganello giraudie

The Calm by Nature method


There was a time when the only path to profound calm that I could see was to move to the forest or to become a monk.

That was when a tiny colibrí showed me that leaving it all behind wasn't necessary.

If I wanted to replace overwhelm with my inherent peace, I could simply open the door, take a step outside and take an intentional, soulful sip of the nectar of life.  A sip of the goodness of the Earth.

25 minutes of nature practice per day.

Inspired by the hummingbird, I’ll show you my favorite tried-and-true practices for taking regular, restorative sips of the nature around you, so you can access your peaceful, vibrant, grounded presence more consistently.  


Is this for you?

Calm by Nature - Practice Foundations
has helped¬†all sorts of people who love nature¬†and who love spending time outdoors ‚Äď artists, farmers, field scientists, educators, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, politicians, conservationists, health care workers, environmental professors, students, parents, humans.

This is for you if : 
  • As a child, you were able to find peace with your nature friends‚Ästmaybe an animal who lived close by, or a tree you loved to climb, or a beach you could swim in for hours ‚Äď despite the chaos of life.

  • You have a knowing that life is meant to be lived in a more nature-centered way - grounded like earth, in flow like water, passionately like fire, clear like air and full of possibility like space.
  • You are committed to nurturing and embodying your inherent natural peace so you may become a source of healing for yourself, your loved ones and our Earth.

My promise


If you follow the program, show your work, and let me know when you get stuck, in 3 weeks, you will be able to access, experience and radiate nature-infused, invigorating calm every single day.

Regardless of how much time you already spend in nature.

Even if you live in the city.

Even if you work full time.

Even if you're not so good at meditation.

Even if you’re struggling with climate grief.

Even when you have to stay in bed.

Or find yourself in a hospital.

Or in a prison.  Of any sort.


¬†Connecting with nature and your inner calm in such a short span was amazing. ¬† ‚Äď‚Äď Bola.

You likely won’t have to wait 3 weeks to experience a restored sense of calm.


96% of people who participate in my retreats report significant restoration of calm and clarity within 90 minutes of practice.

Through Nature Practice, it's as if I gained access to another layer of myself.  A part of myself that's quieter and more grounded.  Connected to an ancient wisdom.


– Frankie

A unique approach.

With Calm by Nature - Practice Foundations, you will awaken your inherent calm in harmony with the Earth through a unique blend of Himalayan tradition, Indigenous wisdom, and creative expression.

‚ĚÄ HIMALAYAN TRADITION: Receive a supportive foundation of compassion, mindfulness, and interbeing, drawing from my 20+ years of study with the Dalai Lama and nature retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh.

‚ĚÄ INDIGENOUS WISDOM: Ground your journey to deeper calm in nature, guided by teachings from my experiences, since childhood, of learning from elders on their ancestral lands.

‚ĚÄ CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Discover how your calm can flow in your own unique ways through your thoughts, words, and actions, drawing from my work as an award-winning filmmaker and multi-disciplinary creative.

Awaken your peace and engage deeply with nature, as you embrace a life of more beauty and tranquility.

Also - there are a few more things that are special about this program:

‚ĚÄ ENGAGE WITH THE NATURE AROUND YOU: You don't have to wait to be at a jaw-droppingly-gorgeous retreat setting. This program is designed to be done in collaboration with the nature around you, wherever you are ‚Äď whether it's in your backyard, on the terrace of your downtown apartment, outside at your workplace, on your stoop, at the neighborhood park, or even through a window when you're unable to go outside.

‚ĚÄ YOUR VERY OWN PRACTICE:¬†I'll teach you my favorite ways¬†for awakening my¬†natural calm. ¬†This is not so that you practice¬†my way but rather¬†to offer you a framework that you can personalize¬†to practice your way ‚Äď according to your aspirations, your passions, your life circumstances, your work, your community, your heritage, your spiritual tradition etc. ¬†The more you make this practice your own, the more enjoyable it will be, and the more likely you will be to come back to it time and again, to nourish¬†your natural calm.¬†

‚ĚÄ JUST 25 MINUTES PER DAY: Taking regular, intentional, soulful sips of nature is at the core of the program, making it doable no matter how many commitments you currently have. Actually, you'll find that as you practice, you'll feel like you have more spaciousness in your life.

‚ĚÄ WORKS VERY FAST: You likely won‚Äôt have to wait 3 weeks to experience a restored sense of calm. 96% of people who participate in my retreats report significant restoration of calm and clarity within 90 minutes of practice.

‚ĚÄ RISK-FREE: My promise to you is that if you do the work, in 3 weeks, you will be able to awaken your inherent calm every single day.


The path to awakening your inherent calm

This journey in one of transformation from being an Earth Lover, where you enjoy spending time in nature and may occasionally access calm there, to becoming an Earth Collaborator, where you actively partner with the Earth to awaken your inner peace.  

Here's what the journey of Calm by Nature - Practice Foundations looks like: 

  • SPROUT: At this stage, you might occasionally experience calm in nature, but it's by chance, if the conditions are right. ¬†When you spend time in nature, you often find yourself taking your problems out with you.

  • SEEDLING: ¬†In this stage, when you experience the gift of calm, even if by chance, you know how¬†¬†to soak in those moments more deeply. ¬†In doing this, you find that which you are appreciating starts to appreciate. ¬†At this point, you start to actively apply resistance to the spinning of overwhelm.

  • BUDDING: ¬†By now, you have curated a reliable repertoire of nature-centered practices to regularly access and experience your inherent calm. ¬†At this stage, your resistance is so strong that you can make the overwhelm stop, and awaken you calm upon request.

More experienced students will also be able to progress to these stages:

  • FLOWERING:¬†At this stage, you have a regular, personalized daily nature practice to experience deeper and more expansive calm upon request. ¬†You are more actively building community around nature-infused calm¬†and sharing how you are expressing¬†it through different¬†aspects of your life. ¬†Now, the spinning of overwhelm¬†has reversed into a natural blossoming flow of life.

  • RIPENING: Now, nature-infused calm is your¬†default state and you know how to return quickly, whenever you're¬†thrown off balance. ¬†The flow of life is running more abundantly through you and you continue to deepen and expand your nature practice community, impact and expression.

At each stage, the journey is designed to help you experience nature-infused calm at all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.


What's Included 

When you join Calm by Nature ‚Äď Practice Foundations, you will¬†receive:

  • ūüźö¬†three-weeks-worth of daily audio sips:¬†guidance is¬†delivered through short recordings, which you can listen to on your schedule, right outside your door. ¬†

    I like to include a creative combination of teaching, storytelling, meditation, journaling, poetry, sketching, movement, and music.  

    ūüĆł¬†You get¬†lifetime access¬†to these recordings, so you can review them, time and again.

  • ūüďĒ¬†a printable journal:¬†designed to help you to track your progress and record your¬†transformation. ¬†This has been a favorite of the program.

  • ūüę∂¬†recordings of past sharing circles:¬†¬†take inspiration from people who have taken the program live before it was available in this self-guided format.


And these bonuses:

  • ‚ú®¬†Completion Incentive: if you complete the program in 3 weeks, you will get access to 3 additional week of daily audio sips with more advanced practices.

  • ūüźč¬†2 weeks free trial¬†of the Calm by Nature - Familia:¬†an international community of people committed to nourishing and embodying their inherent calm for themselves, their community and the Earth.¬†

  • ūüíƬ†fast-action bonus:¬† if you are eligible, you will¬†automatically be granted this once you register.¬† #iykyk




Through Nature Practice, it's as if I gained access to another layer of myself.  A part of myself that's quieter and more grounded.  Connected to an ancient wisdom.


– Frankie





Your investment.

As you consider investing in this program, I want to share how I see it.

  • I‚Äôm happy to witness this investment in yourself. ¬†In becoming your most resilient self, during these trying times.
  • I‚Äôm confident that through your daily practice, your investment will pay for itself many times over. ¬†
    For you, for our beloved Earth and all our kin, and for future generations.
  • And ‚ÄĒ I‚Äôm honored to receive your funds, to breathe life into this movement of building a powerful coalition of natural calm, helping it flourish during these most urgent times, through courses, retreats, films, scholarship programs and free offerings.


Payment Plan


2 Monthly Payments

Included everything in the Self-Guided Edition, but offered with a payment plan for increased flexibility.

Yes Please!

Self-Guided Edition


One-time payment.

  • lifetime access to 3-weeks-worth of daily audio sips guidance.
  • the¬†printable journal.
  • recordings of past live sharing circles.

And these bonuses:

‚ú® The Completion Incentive: 3 additional weeks of daily audio sips with more advanced practices.

ūüźč 2 week free trial of the Calm by Nature - Familia membership, our¬†international community.

ūüíĆ fast-action bonus: if applicable.

I'm Ready!

Personal Support Edition


Single Payment

Includes everything in the  Self-Guided Edition.

Plus access to three 90-minute office-hour sessions offered over 6 weeks, for more personal support in a group setting.

You can attend live or pre-submit your questions which will be answered on the call.

Recordings will be made available.

Can't Wait!


Scholarships and partial scholarships are currently available for people of marginalized communities.

Black, Indigenous and People of Color have enriched my life since childhood in countless brilliant and generous ways, and I am committed to nurturing diversity of perspective in my programs, to enhance the experience for all participants.
Please book a call here, if you are interested in being considered for a scholarship or partial scholarship.


Still have questions? 

Book a free 20-minute consultation.  Tell me about your situation and I'll help you figure out if this is a good match. 
You can book your call here.


Why Now?


We live in intense times that call for our most peaceful selves.

Your wellbeing depends on it.  

As does the Earth's.  And that of future generations.

Only by awakening our inherent calm, will we be able to receive the full flow of life available to us and bring about the healing and regeneration of our wildest dreams.

Some people say it’s too late.

I have witnessed too many 'miraculous' recoveries in my life, to give in to this paralyzing thought.

And even if it is too late, the energy that I wish to offer to the Earth when I am gone is not one of confusion and overwhelm, but rather one of immense gratitude and profound love, rooted in my inherent peace.

That's why I do this work, and why it's my great pleasure to invite you to  awaken your natural calm.


Together we are building a powerful coalition of natural calm.

As you awaken your natural peace, a whole new quality of life will flow through you.



I learned to listen with new ears, to soften and love the moment-by-moment mystery and how to move forward toward collective healing.


I have a new found sense of peace & gratitude for nature.  I feel rejuvenated – sometimes even ecstatic!  I have found solace.


This program has greatly illuminated & enhanced my life! It is a pure joy to connect in community, especially worldwide!


As a health care worker, I believe every mental health practitioner would benefit from this course.



This community was my winter sustenance – an embodied tending to the everyday sacred in nature.


I have more thoughtfulness about  how to pass on my reverence for nature to my daughter.


I savored, in particular, the poems throughout the recordings & sharing circles.  They inspired me to bring in more art into my work.


This has been a time to deepen my rooted knowledge that I've always had as a little girl – to remember the joy of being outdoors.


I came to this practice looking for structure, insight, awareness & community during these difficult times.  I found so much more.

See you inside!


The Nature Practice programs and mentoring are intended to educate and inspire you on your personal journey toward wellbeing and happiness. They are not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professionals and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Photography by Pete Longworth.  Design by Todd Schulte.