Calm by Nature

Awaken your inherent calm, 
by deepening your relationship with the Earth.


This is for me!

Discover deep inner peace and transform your life in just 3 weeks ‚Äď guaranteed.


Calm by Nature

Awaken your inherent calm, 
by deepening your relationship with the Earth.


This is for me!


Discover deep inner peace
and transform your life, 
in just 3 weeks ‚Äď guaranteed.



Welcome to¬†Calm by Nature, a unique learning journey and community designed to help you enjoy¬†a life of vibrant, everyday calm, in collaboration¬†with the nature¬†right outside your door‚ÄĒall in just 3 weeks.


Why Choose Calm by Nature?

people say that nature is part calm and part turbulent tempest.
Yin Yang. Just like us.

But our¬†experience is that, when thriving, nature is primarily peaceful ‚Äď with rare moments of pressure release. Just like us.

When we pay attention, the Earth offers us a clear mirror for what our best lives can look like. She reminds us that, like her, when we thrive, we are calm by nature.

Not sleepy calm, nor boring calm, nor out-of-touch-tone-deaf calm.

Calm in the sense that we can relax enough to let the unbridled flow of life run through us.  The kind of calm that is at the core of clarity, courage, community, coherence and so much more that we desire.

Combining teachings from the Himalayan traditions, Indigenous wisdom, and creative expression, we offer a nature-centered approach to awakening your inherent peace.  

With a 98% success rate, we guarantee results in 3 weeks or less. 

Here’s How it Works

To get started, you'll receive:

‚ĚÄ ¬†1:1 Onboarding Session:¬†To welcome you into our coalition of natural calm, to understand your situation and to set you up for success. ¬†

‚ĚÄ ¬†25 Minutes of Daily Guided Practice:¬†Simple, effective and enjoyable¬†exercises to deepen your intentional, personal relationship¬†with the Earth. ¬†Inspired by the hummingbird, we'll awaken our calm, by taking a soulful sip of the¬†nature around us each¬†day, five days per week.

We have curated a rich collection of our favorite practices for you, which include meditation, movement, journaling, poetry, sketching storytelling, music, ritual and more.  The idea is that these will provide a  framework for you to draw inspiration from to create your own personal repertoire. 

‚ĚÄ ¬†Weekly Check-Ins:¬†Personal support¬†by email to ensure you are overcoming any obstacle and progressing towards your calm. ¬†¬†

‚ĚÄ ¬†Stay for 3 Weeks or as Long as You Like:¬† In the first 3 weeks, you will learn how to awaken your inherent calm every single day. ¬†If you would like¬†to learn more advanced practices and join an international community of Earth lovers doing the¬†same, then you are welcome to stay with us for as long as you like.



Our Proven Process:

MODULE 1: Inviting Nature into Our Inner Circle
OBSTACLE: Excluding nature from the intimacy of our daily life - even if we spend a lot of time outdoors.
OUTCOME: Discover a well of peace through intentional reconciliation with nature, without disrupting your current routine.

MODULE 2: Grounding in Our Life-Enriching Lineage
OBSTACLE: Having a relationship with ancestry or lineage that is non-existent, fleeting or heavy.
OUTCOME: Develop a relationship with your lineage that is enriching and encouraging.

MODULE 3: Clearing the Turbulence
OBSTACLE: Murkiness of life causing confusion and fear.

OUTCOME: Building on the reconciliation and grounding that you have established, you can collaborate with nature to create a clear, tranquil inner environment that enhances relaxation and perspective, and brings about fearless courage.


ūüĆł What if I'm ready for more?

After after the first month, if you would like to continue, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your inner peace with 3 additional weeks of advanced practices.  these also include 25 minutes of daily guided practice:

MODULE 4: Dissolving Loneliness
OBSTACLE: Crisis of loneliness.
OUTCOME: Restore profound kinship with life, reclaiming an authentic experience of belonging.

MODULE 5: Responding Consciously
OBSTACLE: Energy-draining conflicts and co-dependencies.
OUTCOME: Achieve ease in responding to situations by centering your spacious, grounded, peaceful presence.

MODULE 6: Experiencing the Earth’s Love
OBSTACLE: One-sided love for the Earth.
OUTCOME: Transform your relationship into a sacred bond, deeply experiencing the Earth’s reciprocal love.


ūüę∂¬†Anything else?

If you're looking for even more - with a solid foundation in place, on your third month, you will gain access to our:

International community of Earth Collaborators: our online community of people who have completed the Calm by Nature - Practice Foundations.

New Moon and Full moon gatherings: live online Zoom sharing circles to support the growth of your nature-infused calm and to make new like-minded friends.

Calm by Nature library of more advanced teachings and practices: built over the course of 4+ years.


You are welcome to dip in for a month or to stay with us for years, like a bunch of our members have.

What makes Calm by Nature Unique?

Our method weaves together three main influences:

‚ĚÄ HIMALAYAN TRADITION: Receive a supportive foundation of compassion, mindfulness, and interbeing, based on 20+ years of study with the Dalai Lama and nature retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh.¬†

‚ĚÄ INDIGENOUS WISDOM: Ground your journey in teachings from ancestral lands, informed by lifelong learning from elders that bring nature‚Äôs deepest wisdom to your practice.

‚ĚÄ CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Discover unique ways to express your calm and peace through thoughts, words, and actions, assisted by your guide‚Äôs experience as an award-winning filmmaker and creator.

Transformations you can expect:

‚ĚÄ Deep Inner Peace:¬†Harmonize with nature and cultivate a lasting calm.

‚ĚÄ Empowerment:¬†Transition from an Earth Lover into an Earth Collaborator.

‚ĚÄ Enhanced Living:¬†Infuse every part of your life with tranquility, making you a beacon of peace for your community and our beloved Earth.

The Guarantee

Achieve deep calm and peace within three weeks, or your money back.  

With a 98% success rate, we stand by our promise.

If you follow the program, show your work, and let us know when you get stuck, in 3 weeks, you will be able to access, experience and radiate nature-infused, invigorating calm every single day.

Regardless of how much time you already spend in nature.

Even if you live in the city.

Even if you work full time.

Even if you're not so good at meditation.

Even if you’re struggling with climate grief.

Even when you have to stay in bed.

Or find yourself in a hospital.

Or in a prison.  Of any sort.

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2 - Join our Community:
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3 - Experience Transformation:
See and feel the difference in just 3 weeks.


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Pay as you go, no long-term commitment, no risk.

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Special Pricing


This pricing is for you if you are Black, Indigenous, a Person of Color, or if you earn your living in the Global South.

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Your risk-free investment helps us grow a beautiful, powerful Coalition of Natural Calm around the world.


Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and communities from the Global South have enriched our lives in countless brilliant and generous ways.  We are committed to reciprocating and nurturing a diversity of perspectives in our programs to enhance the experience for all participants.


Not sure if this is for you?

Book a free 20-minute consultation.  Tell us about your situation and we'll help you figure out if this is a good match. 
You can book your call here.


Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don’t feel calm in 3 weeks? 
We are confident in our program's effectiveness. If you follow the program and you don't achieve a calmer state within the first 3 weeks, we will offer a full refund.

How much time do I need to invest daily? 
Just 25 minutes of your day, 5 days per week.  The practices are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily schedule.

What happens after the initial 3 weeks? 
It's up to you!  

You can be a part of Calm by Nature as long as you like, but there are no long-term commitments.

If you would like more, on your second month, you will get access to to 3 additional weeks of more advanced modules to deepen your practice.  These also include 25 minutes of daily guided practice.

On your third month, you will gain access to our international community and be invited to live online gatherings around every new moon and full moon.  and you will also gain access to our library of more advanced practices and teachings.


Nature is our teacher.

I'm happy to be your guide.

I¬†was raised¬†in Venezuela by¬†the¬†gentle laps of the Caribbean, watching the turquoise water reflected on the bellies of the pelicans. ¬†Although, I¬†lived in an apartment in the busy city of Caracas, I¬†also felt at home in the small rainforest that was our¬†backyard ‚Äď one which we¬†shared with gentle sloths and mysterious iguanas.

When my daughter was born in San Francisco, I¬†developed¬†a heightened sensitivity to the noise and overwhelm around me ‚Äď and now around her too. ¬† I¬†refused to accept that profound inner peace was to become¬†merely a retreat indulgence. ¬†That's when I¬†embarked on a journey to awaken my¬†everyday nature-infused, inherent calm.¬†

Inspired by a tiny colibrí, and informed by years of study with the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh, many opportunities to be in community with Indigenous wisdom keepers, and my experience as a documentary filmmaker, I eventually developed Calm by Nature, a reliable, soul-satisfying method for accessing our peaceful, grounded presence in collaboration with the Earth.  

Since then, I've had the pleasure of guiding¬†all sorts of Earth Lovers ‚Äst farmers, filmmakers, sustainability professors, outdoor educators, botanical artists, policy makers, healthcare workers, healers, chefs, mamas, women ‚ÄĒ in accessing their own nature-infused, inherent calm, every single day. ¬†I've shared my¬†learnings as a course at Stanford University, for the United Nations, the Dalai Lama Fellows and for a growing online community.¬†

My prayer is that as we awaken our natural calm, we will become greater instruments of resonant beauty and¬†healing ‚Äď for ourselves, our communities and our Earth.

I look forward to meeting you.

natasha deganello giraudie

Through Nature Practice, it's as if I gained access to another layer of myself.  A part of myself that's quieter and more grounded.  Connected to an ancient wisdom.


– Frankie




Through Nature Practice, it's as if I gained access to another layer of myself.  A part of myself that's quieter and more grounded.  Connected to an ancient wisdom.


– Frankie






Together,  building a powerful, beautiful Coalition of Natural Calm.

As you awaken your natural peace, a whole new quality of life will flow through you.



I learned to listen with new ears, to soften and love the moment-by-moment mystery and how to move forward toward collective healing.


I have a new found sense of peace & gratitude for nature.  I feel rejuvenated – sometimes even ecstatic!  I have found solace.


This program has greatly illuminated & enhanced my life! It is a pure joy to connect in community, especially worldwide!


As a health care worker, I believe every mental health practitioner would benefit from this course.



This community was my winter sustenance – an embodied tending to the everyday sacred in nature.


I have more thoughtfulness about  how to pass on my reverence for nature to my daughter.


I savored, in particular, the poems throughout the recordings & sharing circles.  They inspired me to bring in more art into my work.


This has been a time to deepen my rooted knowledge that I've always had as a little girl – to remember the joy of being outdoors.


I came to this practice looking for structure, insight, awareness & community during these difficult times.  I found so much more.

Awaken your natural calm today!


The Calm by Nature and Nature Practice programs and mentoring are intended to educate and inspire you on your personal journey toward wellbeing and happiness. They are not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professionals and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Photography by Pete Longworth.  Design by Todd Schulte.